How to Register a Team (Coach Registration Instructions)
​​*If you are a returning CyberPatriot Volunteer, skip to Step 2 and log in using the credentials you created last season.

​​​​1. If you are a new CyberPatriot Coach, begin by creating a CyberPatriot Volunteer account by filling out the Volunteer Registration Form. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to Volunteer Central. If you do not receive that email, please check your spam and make sure to add to your approved senders list. You can also access Volunteer Central at any time by clicking the Competition button on the top right corner of the CyberPatriot website.

2. Log into Volunteer Central using the email address and password you listed on your Volunteer Registration Form. After logging in, you will be brought to your Dashboard (see screenshot below).


3. Click the "Create Team" button* to complete a Team Registration Form for each of the teams you will coach. That is, if you will coach five teams, you will need to use the button to complete five separate Team Application forms, each of which must be verified separately by the verification official(s) you list on the forms. All school-based (including JROTC) teams must be verified by a principal or assistant principal, while all CAP and NSCC teams must be verified by a unit Commander or Deputy Commander. Teams registered by scouting units, home school co-ops, and other approved educational organizations, should be verified by the organizational equivalent (e.g. troop master).

The deadline to submit team applications is 11:59 PM ET on October 4, 2017.

**Note on the Team Registration Form: If you are signing up a high school JROTC team for the All Service Division, be sure to select your JROTC service as your "Organization Type", and not "Public High School". Teams labeled "Public High School" are automatically categorized in the Open Division and are subject to the season's registration fee. If you are coaching a team in the Middle School Division, please select "Middle School Division"  or "Middle School - Civil Air Patrol" as your "Organization Type". All middle school teams compete in the same division, regardless of whether they are uniformed. With the exception of middle school Civil Air Patrol teams, they are also all subject to the season's Middle School Division registration team.

After you submit a Team Application your Dashboard will populate with a box listing the team's information. There might be a few minutes delay between when you submit the application and when your team populates. The verification official you listed will be automatically emailed a link with which to verify your status at the school/organization (see screenshot below).

4. After your team's registration has been verified and approved by our office, you will receive a confirmation email. If your team is competing in the All Service Division, your registration fee will be automatically waived and you can begin signing up competitors using the newly populated "Register Competitor" button.  If your team is competing in the Open or Middle School Divisions, you will see other new options to  "Request Waiver", "View Invoice PDF", and "Pay by Credit Card" (see screensho​t below). Information on the CyberPatriot registration fee structure is available here. The deadline to submit registration fees or to have requested and received a ​registration fee waiver is November 1, 2017.

5. After you add students to your roster using the "Register Competitor" button, they will appear listed on your team roster (see screenshot below). When you add students to your team's roster, they are immedaitely automatically emailed a link to a short Competitor registration form. Until stu​dents, complete that Competitor registration form, they will appear on your roster with a "Registration Pending".  You can use the buttons identified in the screenshot to update a Competitor's email address or resend his/her registration email, if necessary. Students should be fully registered (i.e. complete their Competitor Questionnaires) before Round 2.