​​ ​CyberPatriot I (2009)

​The first CyberPatriot season consisted of one round of in-person competition at the Air Force Association's 25th Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Eight teams from the Orlando area competed - seven AFJROTC and one CAP. Competitors used SAIC's CyberNEXS program to find vulnerabilities and harden the defense of a W​indows system. After the two-day event, the inaugural CyberPatriot National Finals Championship was bestowed upon the Osceola High School Air Force JROTC team.

The first CyberPatriot competition was designed as a proof of concept. After enthusiastic responses from the Competitors, industry professionals, and senior military leaders, the program was considered a success, and staff quickly made plans for expansion.

CyberPatriot II (2009-2010)

The CyberPatriot competition, although still restricted to AFJROTC units and CAP squadrons, expanded nationwide in its second iteration. 200 teams from 44 states, South Korea, and Japan participated in three online qualification rounds. The top teams again participated on Windows images at the Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando. The Clearfield High School AFJROTC team in Utah took home top honors, while CAP teams from Burlington, North Carolina, and Torrance, California, won second and third place respectively. CIAS, the second CyberPatriot founding sponsor, joined this season.

CyberPatriot III (2010-2011)

The program grew significantly during the third competition season, as the Northrop Grumman Foundation joined as Presenting Sponsor and made a profound impact. The competition split into two Divisions, the Open for public and private high school teams and home school organizations and the All Service for all JROTC programs and Civil Air Patrol. 678 teams from 48 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, South Korea, and Japan competed in three online rounds using SAIC's CyberNEXS system.  The season had two in-person rounds, a Semifinals in Orlando for the top 2 teams from each service and the National Finals Competition in Washington, D.C. for the top 12 Open Division teams and top team from each service advancing from the Semifinals. ​Red Bank Regional High School from Little Silver, NJ claimed the Open Division Championship and Orlando Cadet Squadron (CAP) from Orlando, FL took the Championship in the All Service Division.

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CyberPatriot IV (2011-2012)

CyberPatriot IV saw more expansive growth, as the number of registered teams topped 1,000 for the first time. The number of teams making it to the National Finals also expanded with two Canadian teams participating as part of an International Exhibition. The DC3 Crime Scene Challenge added an extra layer of difficulty to the final round that year. The top team in each Division received awards for that event. Awards to the top team in every service were also handed out.  Another notable aspect of CyberPatriot IV was that the Los Angeles Unified School District and City of San Antonio were designated as Centers of Excellence for motivating students in careers in science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM). For CyberPatriot IV Alamo Academies - ITSA from San Antonio, TX took the top place in the Open Division and Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron (CAP) from Colorado Springs, CO took the top place in the All Service Division.

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CyberPatriot V (2012-2013)

The new scoring engine, the CyberPatriot Competition System (CCS), was first deployed during Round 1 in CyberPatriot V and used again in every online round except for the Semifinals, which still used CyberNEXS. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadets joined the competition, and over 1,200 total teams registered. The DC3 Cyber Crime​ Case Challenge was replaced by the Cisco Networking Event in the National Finals, and Cisco provided trophies to the winners. Spokane Public Schools and Rose State College became the next two Centers of Excellence. Chantilly Academy from Chantilly, VA claimed the top position in the Open Division while Marine Military Academy (USMC JROTC) took the top position in the All Service Division.

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CyberPatriot VI (2013-2014)

Registration for CyberPatriot VI exceeded 1,500 teams, marking unprecedented growth for the program. Scouting troops and Boys and Girls Clubs were invited to field teams for the first time, and Coaches historically limited to one team were permitted to coach up to three. Version 2.0 of the CyberPatriot Competition System not only allowed CyberPatriot to score more complex vulnerabilities, but also introduced a public score board and audio effects that made competing even more exciting. The Regional Recognition Round made its debut during CyberPatriot VI, giving top teams from the State Recognition Round the opportunity to compete in one more round of competition.  At the CyberPatriot VI finals North Hollywood High School took the Open Division National Championship, Clearfield High School took the All Service Division National Championship and Beach Cities Cadet Squadron took the first Middle School Division National Championship.

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Cyberpatriot vii (2014-2015)

The CyberPatriot VII competition field grew by 41%, with 2,175 teams registered. Through a new tier system, high school teams were divided into Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers based on scores in the first two qualifying rounds. All teams competed for state and regional honors within their tiers, but only Platinum Tier teams competed to advance all the way to the National Finals Competition. Version 3.0 of the CyberPatriot Scoring System introduced an interactive public scoreboard and visual scoring queues for the hearing impaired, in addition to enhancements to the scoring engine's capabilities to monitor complex vulnerabilities. At the CyberPatriot VII National Finals Competition, Grissom High School is named the Open Division National Champion, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School is named All Service Division National Champion, and the Nysmith School for the Gifted is named the Middle School Division National Champion.

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The CyberPatriot VIII competition field grew by an ​incredible 55% with 3,379 teams registering for the competition.  For the first year more Open Division teams registered than All Service Division Teams. The tier system continued and a version 4.0 of the CyberPatriot Scoring System was released. At the CP-VIII National Finals Competition, Summit Technology Academy was named Open Division National Champion, Centurion Battalion from the US Naval Sea Cadets was named All Service Division National Champion, and Oak Valley Middle School was named the Middle School Division National Champion.

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