2017 AFA CyberCamp Program Overview


26763128071_51f64de8d8_n.jpgHOST REGISTRATION is closed - see you in 2018!

​The AFA CyberCamps program was created to continue to inspire students to pursue STEM related activities outside of the school year. Educational organizations may apply to host a CyberCamp in their area.* ​

*PARENTS & STUDENTS: The CyberPatriot Program Office DOES NOT register students for individual camps

Parents and students that are interested in attending an AFA CyberCamp will need to contact the camp locations directly. Not all camp locations will offer public registration to their camps. Due to privacy policies we are only able to advertise camp information with the hosts permission. Please visit THIS​ page for more information about attending an AFA CyberCamp. ​

Summer 2017 Session Dates

  ■     Session A: June 5-9

  ■     Session B: June 12-16

  ■     Session C: June 19-23

  ■     Session D: June 26-30

Please note: CyberPatriot will not have camp sessions the fir​st TWO weeks of July due to limited resources at the CyberPatriot Operations Center. Requests for the first two weeks in July are unavailable. 

  ■     Session E: July 17-21

  ■     Session F: July 24-28

  ■     Session G: July 31 - Aug 4​​​​​​

AFA CyberCamp Kit Costs

2017: To recover the costs of software and curriculum development, the CyberPatriot Program Office provides access to two demonstration images and two competition images, as well as digital copies of the curriculum materials for $1,050. 

AFA's CyberPatriot Program Office will also provide hard copies and other materials to approved Standard AFA CyberCamp hosts at the rates listed below. Items may be purchased after registration application has been approved. Orders must be received at least two weeks prior to start of camp session.

Student Workbooks: $6/copy​
​Instructor's Guides: $55/complete​ printed set (all five modules)
AFA CyberCamp T-shirt: $8/shirt
CyberPatriot Sunglasses: $3/pair

Required Resources Needed to Host a Camp​​

The AFA CyberCamp curriculum and activities are largely computer-based. To maximize student engagement, the hosting school or organization should provide one computer for every 2-3 participating campers. The camp instructor(s) will need a projector and presentation computer with MS PowerPoint.

The campers' computers, as well as the presentation computer, must have Internet access and must be capable of running VMWare Player, WinMD5, and 7-Zip, all of which are free software programs. Full technical specifications are available HERE​. ​Please note: Chromebooks and ThinkPads will not work well with the Demonstration and Competition images.

ow AFA CyberCamps Work

Through the AFA CyberCamp program, schools and educational organizations can order a curriculum kit consisting of five four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor's guides, student workbooks, demonstration software, and Competition software that will teach students important skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity. The 20-hour curriculum is designed to be completed over five days, with the fifth day serving as a day of mini-Competition. All sessions are Monday through Friday, with Friday being the mini-Competition day. ​

The AFA CyberCamp Kit curriculum is organized as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, cybersecurity career opportunities, cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, and cyber threats

  • Module 2 : Cybersecurity principles, virtual machines, basic Windows security policies and tools, and account management
    • Students follow along on the provided Windows 7 demonstration image
  • Module 3: Windows file protections, auditing and monitoring, introduction to Server 2008 and introduction to Linux
    • Students follow along on the provided Windows 7 demonstration image

  • Module 4: Ubuntu terminology and concepts, basic graphical user interface security, basic command line security, and intermediate Ubuntu security
    • Students follow along on the provided Ubuntu demonstration image

  • Module 5: Mini- CyberPatriot competition 
    • Students compete on the provided Windows 7 and Ubuntu competition images​​​