ESCEI Overview

​CyberPatriot Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative

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The CyberPatriot Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative (ESCEI) is a set of three fun, interactive learning modules aimed at increasing grade K-6 students’ awareness of online safety and cyber​security principles. The ESCEI 2.0 has three brand new modules and supplemental activities to get students collaborating with each other about their newly learned cyber skills!

Like other CyberPatriot programs, the ESCEI aims to excite students about STEM education and careers by teaching them about cybersecurity in an engaging way. Given the increasing presence of the Internet in society, the program also aims to help students understand the widespread importance of cybersecurity in their everyday lives and equips them with skills to help better protect themselves on the Internet.

What comes in an ESCEI KIT?

​​Individuals can request both a digital and a hard-copy version of the kit. The digital version, which is available instantly after completing the request form, includes the following materials in a zipped folder:

  • ​Three interactive learning modules
  • Curriculum slides to supplement the modules
  • Instructor's Guide containing installation instructions, module information, and instructor's notes for the curriculum
  • Cover letter that describe the ESCEI to parents, guardians, and educators
  • Brochure, social media guide, and press release template that can be used to promote the ESCEI
  • Template certificates to award students upon completion of the modules
The hard-copy version of the ESCEI 2.0 kit will include all of the above on a DVD. Everyone who orders the physical copy also recieves the digital kit immediately after completing the request form. Note: Due to demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for hard copy kit delivery.  

See what's new for escei 2.0!

​In addition to three brand new games, ESCEI 2.0 is also MAC OSX compatible! You will also find there are language options (English/Spanish) for all game modules, screen personalization options, as well as skipping and saving functions. You told us and we listened! 

Security Showdown 2Strangers are asking about you, but is it safe to share with them? Learn the basics of sharing personal information with family, friends, and strangers in this simple point-and-click game. Will you share your information correctly and win the security showdown certificate? Featuring charming voxel graphics, simple game mechanics, and voice overs in both English and Spanish, this game is highly accessible and great for young players..

Key Topics: Personal Information

Grade Levels: K-2

JeffOS: Join Jeff, your helpful sidekick, as he guides you through his operating system and covers everything from basic computer skills to dealing with complex issues like phishing and malware. JeffOS delivers actionable advice for safer computing in the real world and breaks down advanced topics into digestible pieces all while providing players with fun, interesting interaction. Players will walk away from JeffOS with a more developed set of computer skills and a grasp on the importance of cybersecurity in their everyday lives.  

Key Topics: Phishing, Malware, Firewalls

Grade Levels: 3-6


Packet Protector: Build a computer network to mine for cryptocurrency and use this money to expand and secure your network! Watch how your decisions affect the security and effectiveness of a network in this educational simulation. Along the way, you will learn about some basic networking components, malware, security software, and discover some of the ways that you can protect your network from cyber threats..

Key Topics: Malware, Defenses, Passwords

Grade Levels: Grades 3-6​



The modules are not hardware-intensive and should run on any computers that meet the hardware requirements for the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition on this page: Individuals ordering the hard-copy kit will need a computer with a readable DVD drive.​ All 2.0 game modules are Windows and MAC compatible. 


The Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative ​has been made possible by our generous sponsors. We are pleased to offer ESCEI free of charge, however we welcome donations to the Air Force Association's CyberPatriot program ​to offset some of the costs ​of this kit. If you care to contribute please visit​ . Thank you for supporting CyberPatriot!


Request your ESCEI 2.0 kit by filling out this form. All requests will include a digital copy of the ESCEI kit for immediate download, and individuals may elect to also receive a hard copy. Hard copy kits include a brochure and a DVD that has all soft copy materials as well as "I'm a CyberPatriot" stickers. Mutliple kits to a school or organization may be subject to a reasonable fee, contact if you would like to order more than one ESCEI kit. ​

​Requests from outside the United States/Canada or U.S. military bases overseas will only be fulfilled if they are from a school or non-profit educational institution.



The Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative is a component of the Air Force Association's CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program, as made possible by the generous support of its Presenting Sponsor, the Northrop Grumman Foundation.​


Materials for the CyberPatriot Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative were funded through a special grant from Riverside Research, a Cyber Gold sponsor.