Cisco Training

​ As part of Cisco Systems' generous sponsorship of the CyberPatriot program, all teams participating in the competition have access to the Cisco Networking Academy platform for the CyberPatriot season. This website has three components that will be helpful for CyberPatriot teams.

  • Instructor Course: Provides an introduction to the Cisco Networking site for instructors and instructions on how to begin teaching teams using the platform.
  • Content Course: Contains the actual training modules that allow teams to increase their networking knowledge for the competition. Coaches and Mentors can start creating a content course once the y complete the Instructor Course. Teams can download Packet Tracer software through the Content Course as well. 
  • Competition Course: Area where teams go to access the Quizzes and Packet Tracer activities in rounds that contain a Cisco Networking Challenge. This portion of the Cisco Networking Academy has different login credentials than those used for the Instructor and Content Courses.

All CyberPatriot Coaches and Approved Mentors will be sent access information for this season's Cisco Training Materials before the competition begins. Please access the Cisco Networking Academy Access email or contact for assistance.


Please note that these three courses can only be accessed by CyberPatriot participants and may not be found by individuals who have a Networking Academy account, but are not in the program. Any questions regarding access to these materials should be directed to the CyberPatriot Program Office at, not Cisco.

Coaches and Mentors can access the Instructor and Content Courses by following the instructions in a welcome email they receive shortly after registration. The welcome email will be from an "" email address. 

Note: If you already have a Networking Academy account, you will not receive a welcome email. Your normal Networking Academy credentials will work. If you have forgotten your credentials, you can do a password reset at

Competition Course credentials are sent to Coaches via email before rounds in which there is a Cisco Networking Challenge. Each team (not each Coach) has separate Competition Course credentials.