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Are you interested in affiliating your company with the nation’s fastest growing cyber event? We hope so, because there is real value in having your name associated with a program that is connecting thousands of American high school and middle school students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines!  What started in 2009 as a pilot program consisting of 8 teams from Florida, CyberPatriot has grown to over 5,500 teams in all 50 states, motivating students by providing a unique and successful competition that excites them about STEM education and STEM careers.  Our sponsors are what allow this type of growth to happen.

Corporate Sponsorship - $25,000+

benefits of being a Corporate sponsor

The benefits of being a CyberPatriot sponsor are significant. Depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, you will have access to thousands of bright Competitors, Coaches and Mentors to communicate why your firm is important and what value it delivers.  Your brand will be visible on many CyberPatriot program materials and at CyberPatriot events, and at some levels of support we offer direct mentoring opportunities.


​help grow the Cyber workforce

CyberPatriot Competitors are tech-savvy and are in many cases looking for a future in the IT industry.  Their exposure to what you offer may be the answer you are looking for in building your workforce.  Do you have an internship program or open entry-level IT positions? What better pool of candidates could you find than the thousands of students who learn and demonstrate the outstanding cyber, problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills provided by the CyberPatriot program?​


This level of recognition is focused on small businesses or philanthropists who are unable to reach the existing Cyber​ Silver sponsorship status but who wish to support the program at the $5,000 level or above.

Benefits include:

  • Recognition on CyberPatriot Website
  • A high-quality "CyberPartner" plaque suitable for display
  • Coverage in CyberPatriot's monthly e-newsletter – The CyberSentinel
  • An invitation for a representative to the Competition Season Kickoff Event
  • A ticket to National Finals Competition Awards Banquet​

CYBERPATRON​ - $100 / $500 / $1,000+

For individuals, we are pleased to announce the creation of three tiers of individual "CyberPatron" giving to CyberPatriot, at the $100, $500, and $1,000 levels.


Becoming a supporter of CyberPatriot is easy. Visit​ and select “CyberPatriot” as the program you wish to support.  

make a difference

But perhaps the most important reason to be a CyberPatriot sponsor is that it puts you and your company in an elite cadre of firms who are doing the right thing to help promote and improve STEM education throughout America.

contact us for more information

CyberPatriot wants to hear from you! To learn more on why you should be a CyberPatriot sponsor, please contact us at or call 703-247-5806.